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Vision 2020: Building for His Kingdom
Invest. Grow. Impact.

The vision for the Vineyard Church of Ithaca is to be an international and diverse congregation for which Christ is the pattern, the love of God is the principle, and the Holy Spirit is the power. We believe that our mission as a church is to establish a Biblical community that demonstrates God’s love to those far from Jesus, equips its members for effective discipleship, and reaches the future leaders of the world. 

Our goal by 2020 is to create a faith-based campus for coordinated ministry to the universities and the broader community through the purchase of a new building. We have always celebrated and encouraged collaboration with other groups and ministries, so we recently formed a strategic partnership with three other ministries and another church to explore purchasing a building downtown that would house our ministries and provide space to the broader faith-based community in Ithaca. This joint campus will encourage collaboration, sharing of resources, and unity among the varied expressions of God’s Body in Ithaca.

Why now? Our current facility is set to be torn down in just a few years. We see this as a great opportunity to pursue this dream, which we believe is from God. Please consider partnering with us financially to help get closer to this. And of course, surround us with prayer during this journey. Thanks so much.

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